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Our Business

miner hosting
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Our Crypto Mining Farm Development Service includes:

  • Electrical Engineer:  design and implement the electrical environment that is Miner-Ready by using our electrical expertise. 

  • Mining Farm Construction: In-house or container-based mining farm construction and development.

Consulting: we will provide the best and optimal solution based on the available resource and maximize the efficiency.

Our Crypto Miner Business consists of services as below: 

  • Miner Assembling: We work with world top miner manufacturer such as CAN, Innosilicon, and Bitmain to assemble the parts into miners (ASIC and GPU Rig) in US in our Sacramento and Livermore factory.

  • Miner Sales:  We will have your sales team to sell our assembled Miners in both wholesale and retail channel. 

  • We also provide local customer service such as diagnose, repair, and replace in US instead of remote customer service which is currently provided in Asia remotely.  

We proposed the first clean-energy power virtual-reality mapping metaverse ecosystem

In our metaverse ecosystem,  we have two virtual assets:

  1. NFT sales

    • Virtual land sales and rental

    • Solar roof sales and rental

    • Crypto miner sales and rental

  2. Utility Token

    • Electricity purchase transaction fee ( 6%)

All NFT asset (s) are one-to-one mapping to a real physical item, and NFT holders have the full privilege of taking profit generated from those items.


Turnkey Solution

miner hosting
miner hosting
miner hosting
miner hosting
miner hosting

Contact us if you wanna build the mining farm or host with us

Pick the latest miner or let us custom build it for you or ship your miner to us

Receive updates about your miner's delivery and installation status

Join a mining pool of your choice and connect your wallet

Start Mining, monitor activity daily and transfer coins any time


Solar-Mining Web3 Ecosystem



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