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Mining Farm Development

Our Crypto Mining Farm Development Service includes:

  • Electrical Engineer:  design and implement the electrical environment that is Miner-Ready by using our electrical expertise. 

  • Mining Farm Construction: In-house or container-based mining farm construction and development.

  • Consulting: we will provide the best and optimal solution based on the available resource and maximize the efficiency. 

Crypto Miner Hosting Service

Our Crypto Miner hosting Service includes:

  • Crypto Miner Purchase and Logistic

  • Crypto Miner (ASIC and GPU Rig) configuration and setup with fiber Internet connection

  • Professional Mining Consultant Service

  • Miner Debug and Repair Service




Hosting Sites




Miner & GPU Rig capacity

Mining Sites

Our locations near solar power plants in Quebec, Canada and Pennsylvania, United States offer the lowest power rate and one of the cleanest sources of energy. 


1. Industrial level factory and facility

2. More than 10k miner capacity

3. Hassle-free miner setup procedure

4. 24/7 Experts on-site maintenance & repair

5. No Contract needed

6. Daily Return directly to client

7. Flat rate monthly payment

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